A Manifesto :

Welcome to the 'age of un-reality’.

This is an era when we amuse ourselves to our own deaths.

This is an era filled with intangible, technological beams and waves.

This is a posthuman era that people tend not to recognise.

The hysterical replications of pictures in the tiny mobile chips are virtual. We live every day in the gaps of the
thickly dotted meme dusts. The difference between cultural genes (memes) and cultural viruses are being infinitely
shrunk by technological advancements. People are constantly being infected by new cultural genes, then immune, then infected again, and so on. Most of us do not notice the sickness. There is inevitably going to be a blustering ending to these blustering ‘celebrations’.

We pursue fashion and trends.

From Bitcoin to Dogecoin to Shiba Coin, people pursue the fantasy of overnight fortunes.

Elon Musk likes doge coin, so you like doge coin. Elon musk made skyscrapers-full of money, and some of you lost your whole pocket.

Bernie memes swept the internet with little significant reason and disappeared without a noise.

Andy Warhol said, everybody may become famous for 15 minutes.

I say, every meme can become famous in a person’s mind for 15 minutes.

This is a mini meme factory. This factory is a mobile phone, an app.

This is also a grand meme factory, an endless amount of memes is produced by the app.

Anything can be made fun of and anything can be made funny.

The queen’s profile on a 20 pound note can be made funny.

The mannequin from a permanently closed Topshop store can be made funny.

A statue without an arm from the British Museum can be made funny.

The most famous photography of Nan Golden and Miles Aldridge can be made funny.

The stern statues in the War Museum can also be made funny.

Likewise, old photos from an archive album long forgot can be made funny.

People stop caring which face is real and which is not, or whether a smile is fake or not. Entertainment has garnered paramount importance. Even if such happiness only lasts several seconds, instead of hours or days. This is an era when our memory is ironically shorter than that of a goldfish. Anything can be copied and appropriated -  names, pictures, music and even faces.

This meme did not exist.

But this meme exists now.

This is an era when memes may replace vocabulary.

This is an era when meme may replace logic.

This is an era when memes may replace rationales.

Memes make one joyful, yet memes also make one superficial and shallow.

People used to smoke opium in order to experience pleasant sensations.

People now rely on electronic opium to maintain and extend spiritual fullness. Memes are sugar, are calories, are desserts, are ethanol. Memes are a minute of climax. But memes are not memes themselves. The composition between meme and social media, this novel composite drug is indeed addictive.

Cultural evolution used to be useful to us, such as when we learned to use tools and syntaxes.

But now memes are dangerous.

They are implants.

They can be parasites in our minds.

Zombies did not eat our brains, but technologies did.

Manipulation is the change that meme culture and social media have brought to our lives.

The mutations of cultural genes do not require any logic. Technologies are like Viagra, they provide possibilities for human spiritual fantasies. A question has been raised in multiple occasions: are technologies sinful?

I think this is an era very few care to wonder.

But the era you and I live in, is still the best era.

It is never late to the have the corresponding consciousness.

It is never late to rebel from our contemporary surroundings.

This change is never yesterday or tomorrow,

But now.

These memes “did” not “exsit”

(The official exhibition link in New Art City : ︎)

A preview tour of exhibition

Can you tell which image below is made by AI?

Yes, I manipulated their smiles by FaceApp

Have you ever thought about how the technology
and social media changed our life? The machine 
learns more the people learn less. But do we really
care about the fake or reality? It seems we are all
addicted to this  Amusing-to-Death world. Only the 
joyness maters.

But don’t ask me, I’m not giving you the answer.
The answer comes from your sincere awareness.


                                                                                    Examples of how to use these memes
                                 Please treasure every meme template. Make them into your best use. Don’t make them into electronic trash.

@artist: Ruiqi Li